‘Feeding bellies not bins’: YDV’s youth exchange programme aims to change the attitudes young people have towards food waste

Youth Discovery Ventures (YDV) want to help change the attitudes young people have towards food waste.

The not-for-profit organisation will partner with the Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) to deliver an intensive week aiming at challenging food waste.

Between the 18th and 25th of March, YDV will host 25 volunteers through the Erasmus Project, with individuals coming from Estonia, Finland, Romania, Italy and the UK.  The group will explore how food wastage differs in particular countries and look at the practicalities of minimising waste.

YDV have highlighted that 1.3 billion tonnes of food is thrown away every year. The 25 volunteers will look into ways in which food production, distribution and consumption can be shaped to create a more sustainable system.

The volunteers will work with TRJFP, spending one day volunteering at their pay-as-you-feel supermarket, the Sharehouse Market on Carlisle Street, where food past its best-before date and destined landfill is diverted.

The food comes from a variety of supermarkets, local businesses and food banks. It was the UK’s second pay-as-you feel supermarket and they want to highlight the amount of food that is wasted in order to change the way the food system works in the UK.

The week will conclude with a ‘European Cook-Off’ which will be hosted at the Steeple Corner Cafe.

YDV support young people and empower them to live active and engaged lives. The youth exchange program will be run through the Erasmus+ scheme, which aims to give people throughout the European Union the opportunity to travel and work, teach, train and volunteer and gives people the chance to experience life within a different culture or country.