Family-run Darnall metal business devastated by ‘well-planned’ theft

A family-run Sheffield metal business lost tonnes of metal stocks in what it has called a ‘well-planned’ robbery.

Wentworth Pewter has reported today that nearly six tonnes of pewter sheets were stolen from the premises on Saturday and Monday this week.

The pewtersmith posted on its official Facebook page last night that the suspect allegedly bypassed the ‘metal support system’ and gained ‘access through an internal wall’. They have also claimed on their Facebook page that this is a ‘well-planned’ attack.

The firm are said to be ‘heartbroken’ by the break-in with the company posting: “We are a small family run business with 20 highly skilled craftsmen and women who work hard and love what we do- it is gutting to think there are people out there that would do this to us”.

A spokesperson for the company has told JUS News: “Christmas is going to be difficult, we work extremely hard and our 20 craftsmen rely on us to keep them working which will be tougher now”.

However, the metal company are holding out hope and have commented how the pewter stolen should be more distinguishable from regular metals. The company are offering a reward asking for anyone to come forward with any information about their missing metals.

Get in touch with them at 0114 244 7693 or on their Facebook page Wentworth Pewter.