Europe’s largest centre for computer medicine showcases its innovations in Sheffield

Europe’s largest centre for computer medicine, The Insigneo Institute at The University of Sheffield, will showcase their medical innovations today.

The computational discipline known as in silico medicine can predict hip fractures and provide effective treatment for heart disease.

The institute has taken advantage of virtual reality to research colonoscopies by allowing clinicians to travel inside a patient’s colon.



Professor Marco Viceconti, Executive Director of the Insigneo Institute, said: “In 2005 in silico medicine was just the dream of a handful of researchers worldwide.”

“In 2012 we started the Insigneo Institute here in Sheffield. Six years later we are celebrating Insigneo with a continental event. I cannot wait to see what the next six years will bring,” he added.



The event will welcome 300 delegates, clinicians, academics and funders from around the world to see the innovations for themselves.

The Insigneo Showcase takes place today at The Octagon Centre.