Drivers of low-emission vehicles set to be given free parking permits

Motorists who drive low-emission cars will no longer have to pay for a parking permit, Sheffield City Council has announced.

From 1 April the price of a ‘green permit’ will be reduced from £100 to nothing in an effort to encourage more people to drive Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.

Owners of residential carers’ permits will also no longer have to pay anything to park.

The news comes alongside plans for petrol and diesel car permits to increase in cost for the first time in seven years.

Prices are set to increase by 30% making the cost of a standard first residential permit now £46.80.

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, cabinet member for environment, said: “I’m particularly pleased we are showing our support for those who drive low-emission vehicles as well as acknowledging the work our city’s carers do by making their permits free as well.”

“Even with increases, our parking is still reasonably-priced and much cheaper than many other core cities,” he added.

Parking in Sheffield remains cheaper or the same as places like Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham.

These measures are the latest in a recent series of improvements to the parking system in the city.

A CCTV camera car is helping to monitor driver behaviour outside schools to keep children safe and new machines have made paying for parking easier by allowing people to use chip and pin cards.