Doncaster Rovers win against struggling Walsall FC

Doncaster Rovers took home a 3-1 win this weekend against Walsall FC after a blistering start.

Within the first three minutes George Dobson took down Mallik Wilks, giving the Rovers a penalty that was taken and scored by John Marquis.

Immediately after, Wilks got his revenge and successfully scored from the corner box in the fourth minute.

Walsall’s Josh Gordon took back control and earned a goal in the 14th minute after a desperate struggle in the box.

Tommy Rowe also desperately tried to knock in a header, but Walsall keeper Liam Roberts held strong.

The 39th minute saw Danny Andrew earning a goal from a free-kick.

The teams continued to battle it out for the rest of the second half  but were unsuccessful in scoring for the rest of the game.

This was Doncaster’s starting match in the League One and now sees them with a five point gap in sixth place.

Featured image by Doncaster Rovers.