Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd shown on social media being booked by police

An independent Doncaster mayoral candidate has been screened on social media being booked by South Yorkshire Police for an alleged offence concerning the blue light on an ambulance used in connection with his business.

A video circulating online shows Eddie Todd speaking to a police officer next to what he describes as his private ambulance – owned by his company, Uncle Eddies Motocross Park. The video also shows a second police officer talking on his radio.

Whilst on the radio, the police officer tells the people recording that Mr Todd is being given a ticket for having blue lights on his ambulance. The officer also says Mr Todd just “drives through red lights because he thinks he can”.

The officer tells onlookers that Mr Todd has gone through red lights but has not been fined for this.

Speaking to JUS News after the incident, Mr Todd said that he was away from the vehicle for an hour, in which time he admits to leaving “just one blue light on”.

“I never ran through a red light. I wasn’t even driving it,” Mr Todd said.

He said he did not consider he had committed any offence.

Mr Todd says he may take legal action

An angry Mr Todd told JUS News that if he lost the election he would take legal action against South Yorkshire Police to recover the income he would have earned as mayor, and to recover the costs of running his campaign.


In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said: “We can neither confirm not deny the identity of any individual who may or may not be under investigation.”

Mr Todd is one of six candidates standing in today’s mayoral election. He is a businessman who runs the Uncle Eddies Motocross Park at Carcroft. His website describes it as “one of the best open parks in the UK” for extreme off-road motorcycling.

Its section on Safety warns that there are few safety officials on site, and says anybody not comfortable with this should not ride there.

But it also says the site has “a fully equipped first aid facility, with our own ambulance on site or DRI in 8 mins”.