Doncaster man gets two and a half years for terrorising former girlfriend

A Doncaster man has been jailed for two and a half years for “violent and controlling behaviour.”

Ryan Higgins, 30, admitted to assaulting his former partner and, on at least one occasion, leaving her hospitalised.

Higgins pleaded guilty to Section 20 wounding, and charges of coercive and controlling behaviour at a court hearing in January.

He appeared before Sheffield Crown Court on 14 February, where he was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Higgins subjected his victim to repeated bouts of physical and verbal abuse, and on one occasion he beat his girlfriend so relentlessly that a wound on her head needed to be stapled shut.

“Higgins’ victim contacted police in July last year, after enduring his violent and controlling behaviour for nearly a year where she was physically assaulted, threatened and forced to live in fear,” said Detective Constable Gareth Jessup, who investigated the case.

“Throughout our investigation, she has shown exceptional courage and determination, and her willingness to speak out and provide evidence to officers left Higgins with no other option but to plead guilty.

“I commend her for her bravery and wish to express my gratitude for her support of our investigation, which must have been incredibly difficult while feeling so afraid,” he added.

“A number of partner agencies worked alongside police to build a case for prosecution and who will continue to support the victim now this legal process has concluded.

“This is the first prosecution for coercive and controlling behaviour in Doncaster, and we are determined to bring offenders of this awful crime before the courts.”