Defendant was scared of ‘snitching’, Sheffield Crown Court told

A man from Wadsley Bridge has denied being involved in the murder of a Sheffield father.

Josiah Foster, 26, of Cookson Close, said he did not know Caine Gray, 27, and Lewis Barker, 24, would attack 22-year-old Jarvin Blake when he pulled over his car to speak to a friend.

During yesterday’s proceedings he said: “telling the truth is snitching”, when asked why he did not originally divulge the names of Gray, of Treetown Crescent, and Barker who are also on trial for the murder.

Foster told the court he met Gray and Barker while buying cannabis on March 8 2018 and offered Barker a lift to his mother’s house as she lived nearby to his own mum.

Gray, who Foster said he knew of from playing football against him, joined the two in Foster’s car.

On the way Foster told the court he saw his friend Devon Walker who was with two other men – 24-year-old Declan Maw and the victim – and pulled over to speak to him.

After fist-bumping Walker, formerly of Burngreave, Foster greeted Mr Blake, who he had not seen for several years, and asked Maw if he was Walker’s “boy.”

Foster said Gray and Barker then leapt out of the car and started chasing Blake and Maw through gardens on Brackley Street.

He told the court Gray and Maw fell from a fence into a garden, while he saw Barker chase Mr Blake around the corner onto Catherine Street where Barker stabbed him in the chest. He died shortly after due to his injuries.

Foster then said he tried to drive away, but the car only started on a second attempt allowing Barker and Gray chance to get back into the car.

Asked by the defence why he allowed the men in his car, Foster said: “I don’t like confrontation, I did not want confrontation with them.”

Foster said a previous incident, when he was stabbed multiple times after assaulting a man at a bar in 2017, made him shy away from stopping the men entering his car.

He said he only found out later that Mr Blake had died later that evening leading him to turn himself in four days later. He would then divulge information about the incident.

Barker has already been found guilty of murder and will be sentenced after the trial has finished. Foster, Gray and Walker deny the murder of Jarvin Blake.

The trial continues.