Crookes residents form litter picking group, as part of a wider movement to keep city clean

Crookes residents are the latest community in Sheffield take to the streets to clean up litter and restore pride to their streets.

After seeing a successful turnout to their first pick, group leader Dominic Powell has seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the initiative from the residents in the area. Multiple local businesses are also getting involved, letting the group advertise and helping with rubbish disposal.

Originally set up in on Facebook in 2015, Sheffield litter pickers aim to organise local residents into litter picking groups to tidy up their city. Mr Powell organised the group after Councillor Anne Murphy called for local residents to set up their own litter pick.

He believes the picks are also helping strengthen the sense of community in the area.

 “I think it’s really helpful, you meet like-minded people who have a passion for keeping the community clean and have a community-oriented mindset.”

Iren Wandsworth, another litter-picking volunteer, has been helping people set up litter picks since 2015 and started helping Crookes residents in October.

Ms Wandsworth believes that tackling litter issues are a key issue for local residents: “Litter is becoming a big problem all over the world and people often say the things that annoy them the most is the litter and the fly tipping.

“It’s a big issue for people and it can affect them mentally and make them want to move and that makes me feel really sad.”

Geraldine Houlton, the coordinator for litter picking groups in wider S10 postcode area and an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy, agrees with this.

“There’s a lot of interest in it at the moment. You’re working on the environment and doing a good job, you come out and you meet people. Lots of people are coming alone and meeting each other, exchanging phone numbers and emails. Going out on their own to hold their own litter picks,” she added.

She also said the litter picking events benefit residents socially: “It’s very social. One of the main things I’m pushing at the moment is healthy lifestyle being active, being out.

“We can get lots of old people out litter picking, who can get involved. It’s good for us all, good for our mental health and good for friendship.”