Councillor vows he is “not scared at all” after shooting at house

A week after his house was shot at, Labour candidate Mohammad Maroof has vowed he is “not scared at all” and is determined to keep campaigning.

Coun Maroof is seeking reelection in the Nether Edge and Sharrow ward on Thursday, and following last week’s incident, tackling anti-social behaviour is top of his agenda.

Speaking to JUS News, Coun Maroof said: “I’m not scared at all. Ok, there is a concern for my own safety, and my family’s safety, but we need to face these things and we need to come out and campaign.

“The next day we were out, even my seven-year-old daughter and my wife, we were all out campaigning.”

The Labour party suspended campaigning for 24 hours in solidarity with Coun Maroof and his family, but the candidate says he was keen to get back on the campaign trail.

We will keep campaigning so the people who make this beautiful city, and this beautiful ward, can nurture their children and enjoy their life. This place should be a wonderful place to work and live.

Mohammad Maroof, Labour candidate for Nether Edge & Sharrow

Police were called to Coun Maroof’s home on Edgedale Road, Nether Edge in the early hours of 23 April after shots were fired. Police have linked the incident to other violence over Easter.

Damage at Coun Maroof’s house following the shooting incident.

As part of his election pledge, Coun Maroof reasserted his commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour in the area, citing his previous involvement in setting up the Mums United group as an example of his efforts to bring communities together to deal with the issue.

While out door knocking, Coun Maroof was repeatedly challenged on environmental issues and the need for more to be done to deal with climate change.

Coun Maroof campaigning in Nether Edge with other Labour members.

He said Labour has recently declared a climate emergency in the city as part of their commitment to making Sheffield carbon neutral by 2020, and they’ve pledged to plant hundreds more trees in parks over the next ten years.

Labour’s plans to implement a Clean Air Zone in the city received backlash from some taxi drivers due to the expense involved in upgrading to cleaner engines.

Coun Maroof said: “After consultation we will be applying to central government for funds so we can try to help taxis when we are asking them to replace their engines with electric and hybrid engines.

“They will obviously need some sort of assistance, they are hardworking families; around 4,000 families rely on the taxi trade.”