Controversial Sheffield burger bar closes down after not paying rent

A Sheffield burger joint that had a ‘Weinstein burger’ on its menu have been kicked out of their building after failing to pay their rent.

A notice in the window of Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers now says that they have not paid their rent for a fortnight after it was due so the landlord has re-entered the premises.

The tenants now need to go to court in order to gain access back to the building.

The adult themed burger bar, located in the West One development, was heavily criticised when it opened at the end of October. The Women’s Equality Party in Sheffield organised a protest against the bar on 3 November.

The burger bar apologised in a statement on their Facebook page and removed the ‘Weinstein burger’ from their menu. However, other burgers called ‘Fake Taxi’ and ‘Casting Couch’ remained.

Commenter Claire F Davies wrote: “No one accepts your apology. No one buys your apology. You should be closed down, you’re not fit to run as a business. You only apologised because you got caught out. You’re disgusting.”