‘Climate rebels’ threaten more traffic protests after painting Sheffield streets

A ‘climate rebel’ group chalked an image of the world on fire outside Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday.

Children and adults joined Extinction Rebellion to ‘paint the streets’ in a peaceful protest over what they describe as a global emergency.

Animals at risk of extinction as well as warnings over the world’s rising temperatures were chalked outside the Town Hall and around the city centre.

Two weeks ago the group blocked four lanes of traffic on Sheaf Street, one of Sheffield’s busiest roads.

Group member Tim Allen says we are likely to see more of these types of protests.

He said: “They’re going to have to keep going while the effects of climate change are worsening and we’re not seeing enough of a response from our politicians then it’s absolutely imperative that we keep on demanding that.”

Mr Allen also said that people need to work together to force change.

“Individual actions are good and they have their place but we’ve seen over the last decade that’s not enough and that we need to actually start working together to demand more collective solutions and system change.”

The event was held in preparation for the group’s national day of action on the 15th April where they will take to the streets of London to demand government action.

Activist Bing Jones highlighted Sheffield in particular as a city that needs to do more.

He said: “The situation in Sheffield is really bad. There are parts of the station where we’re in the top ten most polluted areas in the UK.

“There are around 40,000 excess deaths from air pollution in the UK every year, possibly 500 of those are in Sheffield so we’re living a lifestyle that’s causing people to die.”

Various images of animals at threat of extinction were painted by protesters across Sheffield

In October last year the IPCC warned we have 12 years before irreversible climate change which has prompted mass school strikes as well as other protests.

Extinction Rebellion have vowed to block streets every day in London from the 15th April.

They say civil disobedience works when it’s peaceful, respectful, disruptive and undertaken on a mass scale.