Campaigners make a push to change how Town Hall is being run

An activist group aiming to completely overhaul the decision-making process at Sheffield Town Hall is making a push to achieve their goals after an annual review of the electoral roll gave their initiative a significant boost.

It’s Our City, the Sheffield-based organisation, needs the signatures of 5% of the voters on the electoral roll to trigger a referendum. The annual review published last week saw a decrease in the total voter count, that brought down the number of necessary signatures from 20,956 to 20,092.

Anne Barr, one of the leaders of the campaign, said this means they are already halfway done with their job.

She said: “We need to make a real push now to gather the rest of the signatures by next August. We are campaigning heavily on social media and also planning some events in the future.”

It’s Our City launched a petition in August 2018 to prompt a city-wide referendum that is hoped to out-phase the city’s current “strong leader” system. The organisation campaigns for a more committee-based type of leadership.

Since the Localism Act of 2011, many towns including Reading, Sutton and Brighton have adapted similar governmental structures.

Ms Barr said, on the whole, they are very pleased with the campaign so far.

She said: “People in the city generally agree with what we do and there are hundreds of them out there with sheets.

“Unfortunately, the online campaign has not been as successful as going out and talking to people. This is because this material is not easy clickbait. We are waiting for something to open the floodgates” she added.

Featured image: It’s Our City on Facebook