Campaign launched to keep clubbers safe on South Yorkshire roads

Young people out in South Yorkshire’s pubs and clubs are being targeted by a new campaign to help keep them safe on the county’s roads.

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership launched the ‘Be a safe pedestrian’ campaign on social media as figures show hundreds of young people have been injured on roads in recent years.

More than 40 pubs and clubs in the county will put up the campaign’s posters, which feature slogans like “Hit the bar, not the car” and “Dance in the club, not on the road.”

The campaign hopes to appeal to young people who will be out in the county’s pubs and clubs in the run up to Christmas.

Joanna Wehrle from the Safer Roads Partnership said: “The poster is simply reminding them about basic road safety in order to keep themselves and their friends safe.”

“If they don’t, they risk becoming a road casualty statistic.”

It comes as figures show 447 18-24 year olds were injured on roads across South Yorkshire between 2011-15.

Over two hundred and fifty were injured in Sheffield.

Reports from police officers at the accidents show pedestrian drunkenness and carelessness were among the most common causes.

Drivers and pedestrians failing to look properly also contributed.