BrewDog launches a ‘chain gang’ social cycling club

The independent brewery, Brewdog, has launched a global social riding club to bring together craft beer and cycling enthusiasts.

The club has been named as BrewDog Chain Gang by the brewery, which has a branch on Division Street in Sheffield.

The project will see BrewDog’s UK and international bars become Clubhouses where bike and beer fans can meet for group rides before making their way back for a post-ride brew.

BrewDog co-founder, James Watt, said: “There has always been a natural crossover between craft beer fans and cycling fans.

“Our fans who are avid cyclists have been using BrewDog bars as unofficial Clubhouses for years. With BrewDog Chain Gang, we wanted to turn it up a gear by helping our community unite their two passions of beer and bikes.”

The project has been aimed at experienced cyclists who enjoy creating interesting routes and encouraging best practice while riding.

Anyone passionate about cycling and beer can start or join a BrewDog Chain Gang chapter in their hometown.

The chapters are joined via the Strava Clubhouse portal where information on the upcoming club events will be shared.

Those interested in starting a chapter anywhere in the world can become a ‘Ride Leader’ by signing up on the club’s website.

The Chain Gang can also select a non-BrewDog bar as their Clubhouse in cities that don’t have bars by the brewery.

Mr Watt said: “Through our global network of 50 bars, we can create awesome cycling hubs spanning Southampton to Stockholm, and Brighton to Barcelona giving people the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and try new beers.”