LATEST: Construction worker taken to hospital after being struck by falling brick in Sheffield city centre

A construction worker in his 50s who was hit on the head by a falling brick has been taken to hospital.

Ambulances were called to the incident at 10.30am.

“We were called to Rockingham Street to reports a brick had fallen on a worker,” a spokesperson for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said.

“We sent two rapid response vehicles, an ambulance and a hazard area response team to the scene.”

The injured man had to be lifted down from the roof on a stretcher using a fire engine’s turntable ladder and was treated at the scene before being taken to Northern General Hospital nearly two hours later. His condition is not yet known.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue station manager, Paul Heffernan, said at the scene: “He was protected by his hard hat but as a precautionary measure we deployed a multi-agency approach between police, ambulance and fire.

“We lifted him safely to the ground where he will be taken to the hospital for some precautionary measures.

“We have two turntable ladders in Sheffield and it’s a lot simpler to use that specialist equipment than using other means on such a windy day.”

The fire brigade’s turntable ladder was required to get the injured man off the roof.

He added: “The big positive is everybody’s come together. The building site will return to normality and hopefully the gentleman, other than having a bit of a headache, will return to work very quickly.

“For us I would deem it a good morning’s work.”

The building site is being run by construction company Watkin Jones, who are in the process of building new student accommodation. They declined to comment on the incident.

One construction worker at the scene later postulated that the brick that fell might have been a loose one used to hold down a wind guard.