Bogus NHS callers targeting Sheffield’s elderly

Fraudsters imitating NHS nurses have allegedly been cold calling in the Lowedges area.

A Sheffield Online forum user posted about the incident, stating their elderly neighbour was visited by someone claiming to be collecting for doctors and nurses in the NHS.

The caller arrived at 6pm last Friday, wearing the “NHS style” nurses uniform which can easily be bought online.

“Of course this could be legitimate but feels like a scam to me”

tuthill – Sheffield Forum user

After the resident told her there was no cash in the house, the caller asked to see their debit card to set up a direct debit.

The caller was described as a white woman in her 30s, with another caller seen to be hovering nearby.

The council has a scheme offering monitored bogus caller alarms out to vulnerable individuals.

Care alarms offered by the council for vulnerable individuals

Charity workers are not allowed to collect with open bucket or non-sealed tins, which is a giveaway that the person is either a bogus or fraudulent caller.

Any legitimate charity will be registered with the charity commission, which can be checked on their website.

South Yorkshire Police’s official guidance on bogus callers states that residents should first think before answering the door, chain the bar before considering opening the door and check the identity of a caller before donating.

SYP have released a new statement warning about bogus officials.

Some Sheffield residents had other ideas to stop bogus callers.

Anyone who believes to have been in contact with a bogus caller is advised to call 101.