Blitz firefighters’ relatives sought by fire service

Sheffield fire service has asked for help to find the families of two Sheffield firefighters who died fighting in the Blitz.

Norman Elliot, aged 35, and Fredrick Parkes-Spencer, aged 36, lost their lives at Union Street and Charles Street respectively, on the night of 12 December 1940.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue wanted to name two new meeting rooms at the Eyre Street headquarters in memory of the firefighters and wished to let their families know.

They were both firefighters with Sheffield Police Fire Brigade, who responded to the German raids.

In a German operation, codenamed Operation Crucible, hundreds of Henkel 11, Dornier 17 and Junker 88 bombers dropped thousands of tonnes of ordnance on Sheffield during a nine-hour period on the 12, 13 and 15 December 1940.

Firefighters from surrounding cities and across Yorkshire responded to the raids on Sheffield.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue asked if anyone who was related to Norman Elliot or Fredrick Parkes-Spencer, or knew someone who was, to email

Sonia Twigg

MA Journalism, Sheffield University @sonia_255