Barnsley goes sugar free in healthy living initiative

Barnsley borough council banned the sale of sugary drinks from their council headquarters in a bid to establish themselves as a ‘sugar free borough’.

Vending machines were removed from the building, and they have started to publish the calorific content of sandwiches and other snacks available in the building.

Diane Lee, head of public health for Barnsley council, said: “Nationwide, unhealthy food is too cheap, too available and too acceptable.

 “We are in the process of developing a food plan for Barnsley.  Our main focus is on creating a on sugar free town  – we think Barnsley is sweet enough!

 “Part of the plan is making sure we make it easier for people living here to make a healthy choice.

 “Simple things like switching from full sugar to zero sugar pop can make a real difference; that’s why we now only offer sugar free drinks in our own staff cafes.

“Our ambition is that every food item on sale in Barnsley is labelled so people  know the sugar and calorie content.  They can then make an informed choice – people are often surprised about the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks, which can be up to 9 teaspoons of sugar per can.”

The council have also urged takeaways and shops in the town to offer healthier alternatives to traditional fast-food choices.