Armed robbers raid Costco

Armed robbers were at large after a jewellery raid at Sheffield’s CostCo store.

Three men armed with a gun and a hammer attempted to raid the Sheffield wholesale store at 4:40pm last Sunday.

According to witness Mike Rochford, who filmed some of the incident, armed robbers ran into the store and smashed the glass surrounding the jewellery section.

Video sent in by Mike Rochford

They then ran outside to a waiting Ford Focus, speeding off on the wrong side of the road up towards the Sheffield parkway.

Witness Liz Hunsley who was in the store said: “People were screaming running towards where we were and then I heard shots.

“We just ran and headed towards a fire exit which was behind us.

“There was a member of staff guiding people round saying one or two of the robbers were still inside. We got our children in the car and we drove away.”

Reports of the firearm described it as a sawn-off shotgun, but this remains unconfirmed by South Yorkshire Police.

Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have yet been made.