Appeal for pensioners to donate their fuel payments

Age UK Sheffield has asked better off pensioners to donate their fuel allowance to those in need.

With an estimated 14,000 older people in Sheffield living in poor quality housing, it is hoped this appeal will help limit the number of excessive deaths this winter.

The charity says the automatic fuel allowance often goes to those who can afford to heat their homes, leaving those most in need struggling.

An automatic allowance of £200 is paid to those aged 64-79, with those over 80 receiving £300. However, this is not means tested.

Last winter saw the number of excessive deaths in England and Wales rise from 20,800 in 2015/16 to 31,800 in 2016/17. The charity are aiming to prevent a potential 250 deaths in Sheffield this winter.

This is just one appeal running over winter, with others like Help Us Help Christmas looking to help the homeless and vulnerable.