Anti-social behaviour targeted by police and fire schools initiative

South Yorkshire fire and police services have worked together to create a project aiming to reduce anti-social behaviour among young people.

A short presentation will be delivered to year 9 students across the country after being developed in South Yorkshire.

Neighbourhood fire community safety officers will deliver key messages on the consequences of arson, hoax calls and vandalism.

Steve Helps, Head of the joint community safety department, said: “Engaging with young people in this way is one of the best ways of building lasting, positive relationships which have long term benefits for the communities we serve.

“Anti-social behaviour can put a big strain on local communities, so having packages like this available to schools will help to educate and inspire young people to make the correct life choices.”

The project will be offered to schools during spring term and is part of a larger operation known as ‘Equinox’, which aims to reduce anti-social behaviour during the spring and summer months.

For more information visit the South Yorkshire Police website.