Anti-racism protest held outside University of Sheffield building

Students gathered outside Firth Court for an Anti-Racism Protest led by Sheffield Black & Ethnic Minority Students’ Committee (BEM) on Friday.

The protests were held in order to get the Universities to do more to tackle racism across the respective campuses.

Hajira Liaquat, organiser of the protest, insisted the University should treat racism on campus as harshly as possible and admit that racism is a serious problem which occurs in the international students’ life at university.

She said: “All BME students at University of Sheffield who have experienced racism deserve to be apologize to.”

The protests come over a month after the Varsity Ice Hockey match, where a Sheffield Hallam University student, Tyrell Pearce, allegedly had a rotten banana thrown at him by a University of Sheffield student.

Mr Pearce said: “It was good, getting banter from University of [Sheffield] all day about them scoring; I was giving it back to them so that was fine.

“My two friends then went to get a drink and I sat down, and someone then threw a banana at the back of my head.

I thought it was a bottle at first and then I felt the rotten bananas dripping down my head.”

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield said after a formal University investigation, the student accepted responsibility and apologised for their actions.

He added: “The student will also be completing volunteering work within the community.”

Mr Pearce called for zero discrimination and racism.

He said: “I think he should be kicked out or something a lot harsh than 10-hour voluntary work.”

Melony Effiong, an international University of Sheffield student believed the event was perfect to meet BME students’ needs and added: “People may feel racism is a thing of the past, but it’s not.”

The university spokesperson said: “There is no place at Sheffield for racism in our University or Students’ Union.”