Anti-Brexit billboard appears on Tinsley roundabout

A guerilla group out to shame leaver politicians as the Brexit deadline draws closer has recently taken action in Sheffield.

A billboard warning about Brexit’s effects on the car industry was put up in Tinsley, near the M1 highway.

The sign is in the form of a tweet and says: “You are going to have to run it down (the car industry)… in the same way we ran down the coal and steel industries. These things happen.”

The quote is attributed to Patrick Minford, a representative of Economists for Brexit, who supposedly said this to Parliament in as early as 2012.

The billboard was put up at the busy roundabout by a guerilla group called Led By Donkeys who aim to expose pro-Brexit statements of leading leaver politicians for all to see.

They have been putting up billboards like this all around the UK, which they plan to leave up for a month.

Their campaign was entirely crowdfunded: 7922 supporters have raised £222,534 for the billboards so far. The group are also collecting money in order to disrupt Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit walk from Sunderland to London on 16th March.

Led By Donkeys was created by a man in his forties from the North East, who said that he was inspired to start the campaign by his leaver family members. He set up the organisation with a few friends after a discussion in a pub.

The UK is set to leave the EU on 29th March unless an agreement is reached to postpone the deadline.

Featured image by Ben Prizeman