Angry residents object to planning application over struggling public services

A plan to develop of 22 houses on the Long Line, between Dore and the Peak District, has sparked fear among residents about the increasing pressure on schools and local services.

Parents of children at Dore Primary School have protested strongly to Sheffield City Council about the impact more families would have on existing school children.

Dore Primary is the third most under-funded school in Sheffield and currently exceeds its maximum capacity, with many children being refused a place despite being in catchment.

Danielle Palmer, a resident of Rushley Drive, said: “Resources are stretched to an absolute minimum as it is, with some classes having 33 children in them.

“Without parental support our children would not even be able to have a reading record!

“It’s fine if you are a high performing child that can deal with these class sizes, but children that are struggling can’t cope and they are not getting the attention they need.

“I know families who have taken their kids out.”

Totley primary, a neighbouring school are also crippling under pressure.

They have been taking on extra pupils from the Dore area who did not gain a place, and have created new classes as a result.

Beki Daws said: “They seem to think children will get into school despite people on the top of Causeway Head Road not getting in – just madness.

“They wouldn’t be in any catchment for any school so that is an issue in itself.”

Michael Johnson, Principle Planning Officer, refused to comment but Sheffield’s planning office deemed 22 houses are not a significant burden on services.

Local doctors, Caterknowle and Dore Medical Practice currently has 12,471 registered patients and 11 doctors.

This leaves a ration of only one doctor for every 1,133 people at the practice, compared to the national average of 2.8 doctors for every 1000.

One resident, commented: “The local GP provisions are under huge pressure and for a non-urgent appointment there’s already a 3 week wait.

“The local services are inadequate for the residents currently, never mind with extra houses.”

The planning application on the Long Line comes soon after the development of 58 houses on King Ecbert School playing fields in Dore and other developments proposed for Hathersage Road.

The application is still awaiting a decision.