Albums are being hidden around Sheffield for you to “take home and enjoy”

Matt Howden, otherwise known as Sieben, is a violinist and singer based in Sheffield.

He has been leaving records in the city centre as well as in Barnsley, referring to the event as his very own Pokémon Go.

On asking why he decided to share his music, he said: “The world seems in quite a sorry and precarious state, looking over the news daily.”

“So I decided to leave various titles of my back catalogue around Sheffield for people to spot and hopefully take home and enjoy.”

“I’ve already heard from people who’ve found them, tracked me down online and written to me.” Which he says is most satisfying.

He added: “And it’s fun to find obscure places to put them.”

Sieben is planning to give away 1,000 albums before his next lot of shows, including an upcoming gig in the Peak District.

He is also offering free CDs to all entrants to his gig on 21st December at Regather, Sheffield.

He said: “We could all do with a little bit of kindness these days.”

JUS News has had a tip from reliable source that there are some albums in The Harley and in the University of Sheffield Students Union.

Be quick…