Aggravated burglary charge for three men after ‘bladed article’ used in Doncaster crimes

Three men will face magistrates today after they were charged with two counts of aggravated burglary in Doncaster.

Connor Ismay, 18, of Rowan Avenue, Bradford, Thomas Conlon, 20, of Kirkhouse Green Road, Doncaster and David Joyce, 24, of no fixed address, were remanded in custody yesterday.

Ismay and Conlon were charged with possession of an offensive weapon, and Joyce has been charged with possession of what police are calling a ‘bladed article’.

The two incidents happened in the Moss and Fishlake areas of the town on 20 and 22 February.

The men were charged in connection with two reported burglaries on Pinfold Lane.

Police have held the men until their appearance before Doncaster Magistrates later today.