Age UK Sheffield to open dementia centre in Hillsborough

A grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund will turn an old coach station in Hillsborough into a centre and café for dementia sufferers.

The announcement came on Friday saying £49,700 from the fund will be used to renovate the 19th century coach station, which has not been used since the second world war.

Age UK Sheffield has now made it to the second round of heritage lottery funding and hope to receive an extra £631,200 for development the centre. 

Stev Chu, Chief Executive of Age UK Sheffield, said: “We deliver a lot of services to older people in their homes, but we haven’t actually got a centre for people to come together.

“We’ve been looking for some time to find somewhere suitable. We’ve now received the fantastic news that they’ve given us a stage one grant”.

The centre will include a café open to the public, and activity rooms for those living with dementia which will host arts and crafts and singing events.

The centre will also be open to any older person with the centre offering languages and digital teaching at the centre. They will also hold information advice, educating older people on the legal benefits they can claim.

The café will not only help fund the charities various schemes but will also provide employment and volunteering opportunities to those in the local area. 

“We want a really successful and vibrant café which is used by local people. We know the park is really well used with it’s children’s playground, dog walkers and park runs every Saturday,” said Chu.

Chu is also confident that the charity will receive the further £631,220 from the fund, saying that the toughest part of the process is done. Despite their being a lot of work still to be done, Chu says he is optimistic they will get the funding. 

Age UK now have 15 available spots in the Sheffield half marathon, if you are interested to run on behalf of Age UK Sheffield email

Age UK Sheffield supports people age 50 and over in the city. Last year the charity supported 4,000 older people, bringing a benefit of £2.9 million to the local economy.