Activists dressed as cows storm Sheffield’s Fargate to promote dairy alternatives

Activists dressed as cows urged Sheffield residents to ditch the dairy while educating them on the realities of the farming industry.

Down with Dairy took place in Fargate on Saturday afternoon, and organisers claimed that milking cows is cruel and can have dangerous side-effects for the animals.

Protesters held placards and wore cow masks and showed pedestrians graphic videos of the realities of dairy farming- that calves are taken from their mothers in the first 12-48 hours of their life.

The focus of the event is on communication and interaction, so the volunteers are encouraged to speak to the public, rather than hand out leaflets or chalking the pavements.

They also gave out free plant milk samples to the public- to promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  

The organisation behind the event, The Save Movement, work with about 20 volunteers in Sheffield and run events across the UK and further afield.

The Save Movement is a worldwide organisation made of groups aiming to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals and those on their way to slaughter.

They promote veganism and are working to build a grassroots animal justice campaign.

The movement has grown to include over 200 groups worldwide since its inception in December 2010, and continues to expand and develop each year.  

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