A Sheffield man who assaulted a police officer shouted ‘have some infection you f***ing b**tard.’

A Sheffield man was sentenced today after being arrested for possession of a six inch blade and assaulting a police officer whilst heavily intoxicated.

Eric Kitteridge, 49, had ulcers on his left leg during the incident and showed Sheffield Magistrates’ Court the dressed wound.

Prosecuting lawyer John Kavanagh said: “Kitteridge shouted at the officers ‘have some infection you f***ing b**tard’.”

Hester Russell, defending, said Kitteridge found the knife in the snow before he went to a friend’s house where he was given a fizzy drink. The drink had more alcohol in it than he had thought which reacted with the medication he was prescribed for the ulcers on his leg, the court was told.

Kitteridge, of Stradbroke Road, then went to the Chapel Street Co-op in Woodhouse where police found him slumped over outside the shop.

Mr Kavanagh told the court that police saw Kitteridge put something in his mouth as they arrested him.

Ms Russell told the court that Kitteridge did not put anything in his mouth. She said Kitteridge was touching pegs in his mouth from some recent dental work.

Kitteridge began to resist and kicked his legs towards the officers when they attempted to recover the item they believed Kitteridge had swallowed.

The defence said Kitteridge thrashed about after the handcuffs were applied tightly, but had no intention of harming the officers.

Kitteridge and his defence both told the court his ulcerated wound was dressed at the time of the incident.

Kitteridge said: “There was no gunk coming out at the time. I’m doing my best to stay out of trouble and I’m not on drugs now.”

Ms Russell said: “Kitteridge is a collector, he has items that he wishes to sell to museums to raise a bit of money.

“He saw the blade and believed it was a brand worth keeping. He had no intention of using the blade to harm.”

Kitteridge was previously given an 18 month conditional discharge by Derby Crown Court for possession of a blade, which the defence argued was used to carry work out on a car radio.

Mr Simmonite, chair of the magistrates’ bench, delivered Kitteridge a 12 month suspended sentence after Kitteridge pleaded guilty.