822 Yorkshire children will be homeless at Christmas

822 children will be homeless in Yorkshire this Christmas, as Shelter warn that 10% of children in Britain are now without a home.

Over the past five years, the number of homeless children has risen sharply and on Christmas day it’s estimated over 130,000 children will wake up homeless.

Leading homelessness charity Shelter said that the housing crisis is being felt by the younger generation the most

They are calling for public support for their appeal, so they can help families over the festive period.

Greg Beales, the director of Shelter said: “No child should be homeless. But for the generation growing up in the housing crisis, this is the grim reality for many.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. If we act now, we can change tomorrow to make sure every child has somewhere they can call home.”

In Yorkshire, the number of homeless children has risen by 10% in the past five years, leaving 822 children homeless or living in temporary accommodation, and another 37 living in B&B’s or hostels.

Although London is the worst affected, the number of homeless children in the South East has doubled in the past five years, while the North West has seen a 175% rise.

On average, there’s five homeless children in every school in Britain who struggle to keep their possessions safe or struggle with basic hygiene as they can’t access bathrooms or showers.