20×20 Exhibition hosted by Sheffield artist collaborative Access Space

The 20×20 is a free exhibition hosted by local Sheffield artist collaborative Access Space.

All the pieces in the show are created using a 20×20 inch framed board as a base.

Participants in the show can create their own board or get one from Access Space’s headquarters on Sidney Street in Sheffield.

This year is the tenth show Access Space has hosted and it focuses on new works of art.

Claire Spencer, from Derby, is not a professional artist, but has created a piece for the 20×20 for the last few years.

She said “It’s really fun taking part in something I wouldn’t normally take part it.”

I’m ‘Avin Hoops! by Claire Spencer

Making art for everyone

Access space member, Jake Harries said the show is all about helping to “empower people to do it themselves.”

Mr. Harries also said that it is important that entrance into the exhibition is free. By not having an entrance cost the exhibit becomes available to anyone who wishes to participate.

Unlike canvas or other art platforms, the 20×20 boards are sturdy and inexpensive. They can be knocked about by various methods of transportation and all types of living conditions.

Access Space also opens their workshop to give participants the use various tools and equipment and will guide them on how to use them.

As long as the piece is not offensive or too heavy to hang, they become a part of the collection for that year.

Because it has no set theme patterns and styles only emerge once the pieces come together. This year’s collection is brighter in color than last years and carries a slightly more political tone.

This year’s 20×20 collection

The exhibition has forty-six submissions this year, with works from artist ranging in age from five to eighty.

Approximately four of the pieces are inspired, by Donald Trump and the alt/ right.

Breibart News (Welcome to the new normal) by Naomi Rosenberg's
Breibart News (Welcome to the new normal) by Naomi Rosenberg’s

Naomi Rosenberg’s Breibart News (Welcome to the new normal) features Donald Trump’s face covered in lines from Breibart’s headlines.  

Nick Grindrod’s take is more subtle.

An Abstract for November 9, gold on plaster, features a gold leafed square with a chuck at the bottom missing revealing the wood underneath.

An Abstract for November 9, gold on plaster by Nick Grindrod's
An Abstract for November 9, gold on plaster by Nick Grindrod’s

The gold is a reference to the incumbent President’ famous golden tower.

A few of the pieces are three dimensional, including a light up box with removable silhouetted animals Traveling Shadow Puppets done by Patrick Amber.

Traveling Shadow Puppets done by Patrick Amber.
Traveling Shadow Puppets done by Patrick Amber.

Mr. Amber submitted it to the exhibition for sale and will use profits to continue funding his work with refuges in Greece.

The exhibition is open Wednesday through Friday from eleven to six and will run until December 16th and reopen January 4th through 13th.