“111 Places in Sheffield That You Shouldn’t Miss”- illustrated guidebook to the Steel City launched

An illustrated guidebook to “squeeze out the essence of Sheffield and bottle it,” was launched yesterday.

Sheffield’s “quirkiness” compared the city to tourist hotspots like Prague, Hong Kong and Paris in Michael Glover’s new travel guide “111 Places in Sheffield That You Shouldn’t Miss“.

The book was released at the University of Sheffield’s Firth Court by Sheffield born Glover and Lord Mayor’s Consort Gavin Holliday gave a special introduction to the launch.

Sheffield is the only city in Yorkshire to be featured in this international travel series and one of the select few from the UK following Bath, Liverpool, Cambridge and York.

It was also the first guide book about the city to be specifically commissioned by a publisher- German publishing house Emons Publishing.

Richard Anderson took the photographs in the guidebook.

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City and Culture at the University of Sheffield, said the guide book was “an incredible story of perseverance and quirkiness of a Sheffield resident.”

She added: “The book is really different from any of the other cities in the way it represents the quirkiness and the voice of the people who actually live in the city- and also the hidden treasures.”

In his introduction to the book, the Lord Mayor’s Consort Holliday said the guide would help people get “off the beaten track” and experience the hidden gems of heritage and quirky spots that would highlight what is Sheffield’s true character.

He added: “The book will continue to tell the world of those things we, as locals who love the place, take absolutely for granted or celebrate regularly or sometimes just don’t understand.”

Mr Glover said shortlisting the 111 places in the book was a collaborative effort.

He said: “I grew up in Sheffield, but then I left, many of my relatives still live here, so it was a matter of remembering what I knew from then and then rediscovering the city. So first I drew up a list of about 60-70 places, things that I knew I wanted to consider seriously, and then I asked everybody that I knew for suggestions that they might have. I tested out everything they suggested to me.”

During the launch, he highlighted Scaling the Norman Fort, The Museum of Gardening Tools, Jameson’s Café and Tea Rooms and Rivelin Valley Trail as off-beat locations to explore. 

Mr Glover said the book would help bring in more tourists to the city, and would draw attention to the fact that a large chunk of Sheffield is within “tremendous countryside” and is good for walking and cycling.

The international series of illustrated guidebooks intended to present cities and countries in a more personal perspective to unlock their true essence.

“111 Places in Sheffield That You Shouldn’t Miss” will be sold at Amazon, Waterstones and other independent book shops.

Watch Mr Glover talking about the Rivelin Valley Trail here:

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